Experts say that every cat can live more than 20 years. It all depends on the living conditions of the cat, what it eats and whether your pet has diseases. Experts talked about different breeds of cats and how much they can live. For example, a Bombay cat’s life is no longer than 12 years. Also, American bobtail and an exotic shorthair cat are not long-lived – as a rule, their life cycle lasts up to 13 years. 14 years […]

The dog is a unique pet, which is not without reason dubbed the "friend of a man." The dog can become an excellent companion and comrade, which will be a real find for a lonely person. According to scientists, dogs are quite “profitable” pets, because they force their owners to walk in the fresh air at least 2 times a day. In addition, having a puppy can allow you to seriously “practice” before having children: dogs teach us responsibility and […]

Scientists have been able to establish what is the main secret of sexual attractiveness. According to experts, for many millions of years it was teeth that acted as bait for a sexual partner. For a long time, sexuality has not been thoroughly studied, but in vain: its role in evolution is much higher than previously thought. The appearance of the males was then considered attractive when it looked healthy. It was these males that were chosen for procreation, which contributed […]

Experts told how dangerous excessive love to the cat family for a person. According to experts, many tails can be the main cause of serious health problems of their owners, and those who allow animals to sleep in the same bed are at greatest risk. Doctors emphasize that ringworm, chlamydia or worms can be transmitted to a person from a cat. In addition, cats can become carriers of very serious and dangerous ailments. For example, they can infect a host […]

It turns out that the nature of cats is 50% dependent on genes. Finnish scientists have confirmed this hypothesis by research, in which 5,726 cats of 40 different breeds took part – they all had their owner. In the course of scientific work, animals were combined into 19 groups and compared them with each other. Factors such as gender, age, the ability to stay in open space and a tolerant attitude towards other pets were taken into account. The results […]