A woman fell from a camel on field trips during the holidays and was seriously injured. It is known that the incident happened during a vacation in the Canary Islands. 61-year-old Karen Saccone acquired a camel tour for only 10 euros. When she began to climb a camel, he got scared and threw her off. The tourist fell on the sand, and the camel stepped on her face. Her leg is stuck in a belt. As a result, the animal […]

In Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region, a pack of dogs attacked a child when a girl went to a music school. The girl did not pay attention to animals at first. However, the dogs suddenly surrounded her. After that, the girl covered her face with her hands so as not to see what the dogs would do. Then "the uncle came out and the dogs ran away," as the victim told about the ill-fated day when the dogs almost nibbled the child. […]

On a cold January evening in 2019, a resident of the city of Griffith, Indiana, Bob Holter suddenly wanted to go to the store, located 2 miles from his home. At the same time, Bob rarely goes on foot, and more and more by car, but that evening he decided that it was time for him to warm up a little. When Holter crossed the local bridge, he suddenly heard some strange noise below. When Bob listened, it became clear […]

Some time ago, a strange-looking creature appeared in a residential community in Florida that climbed trash cans in search of leftovers. His fur was greyish-dirty, short and unkempt, like a rat, his body was very thin, and on his face was a black "mask." This creature reminded many local residents of a werewolf and was given such a nickname. In fact, it was a stray cat with a rare genetic mutation called face. On the basis of this mutation, about […]