It would seem that there is no riddle in pets: we have been living hand in hand with them for more than a thousand years. However, by far not all facts about dogs are known to modern science. Dog handlers shared the most interesting of them: 1. Playing with them is good for your health. This statement was verified experimentally: by spending time with your pet, you can reduce stress levels, improve your mood and even lower your blood pressure. […]

Poodles are great companions that are perfect for keeping in the apartment. Veterinarians told the most interesting facts about the breed: 1. Pop King Elvis Presley was a loyal fan of this breed: he himself had several dogs, and he also tried to give poodles to all those who were dear to him. 2. In the guise that the poodle is presented today, it was bred in Germany. However, the greatest popularity went to dogs from the French: in this […]

Cats are beautiful and mysterious creatures, about which many legends are composed. These creatures were even worshiped in ancient Egypt. Yes, and in many other countries, one way or another, there was a cult of cats: even the harsh Viking northerners had a careful attitude to cats, since they were part of the retinue of the revered goddess Freya. What curious facts about cats we could not know: 1. They are not able to feel the sweet taste. 2. Even […]

Domestic rats are extremely interesting pets, about which little is known to the general public. Here are some interesting facts about these cute animals you can find out: 1. They can go without water longer than famous record holders – camels. 2. The animal can jump a distance of 2 meters. 3. Rats are able to laugh from tickling, which, just like people, are afraid. 4. Possess chic intuition and always leave the place in danger. 5. Able to dream. […]