In the US state of Montana, there was a funny incident – a bear climbed into the house of the locals, made a pogrom and fell asleep and a closet. The owners found the bear by accident. Arriving home after work, the couple suddenly discovered that their house was locked up from the inside. How the bear blocked the door is unknown, but the doors were locked. The owners had to call the police. When residents entered the house, they […]

Love is not only all ages, but all sizes. This was proved by a pygmy rabbit named Romeo, weighing less than 2 kg, finding a life friend in the form of a huge Flemish bunny Lily Sunshine weighing more than 7 kg. Romeo and Lily live in the Covelli family and became popular thanks to their instagram. According to the rabbit owners, Romeo and Lily spend most of their time together and sleep, too, hugging each other ( "Everyone who […]