German circus Roncalli decided to abandon the performances with animals and replaced them with three-dimensional holograms. Performances are very popular. Recently, circus actors are looking for new ways to attract the public. Animal advocates constantly criticize circus employees for inappropriate attitudes towards animals. Due to propaganda, circus visitors are sure that animals are treated cruelly there. Every year, circuses are visited by fewer and fewer people. To increase profits, the German circus decided to use holographic images 33 meters wide […]

The tragic incident occurred on the eve of the courtyard of one of the private houses of the Svetloyyarsky District of the Volgograd Region. This was informed by the Russian media, citing sources in law enforcement. The German Shepherd Dog was reportedly somehow off the leash. At that time, a 10-year-old schoolboy was nearby, and for some unknown reason, the dog suddenly attacked him. As a result of the dog’s attack, the boy suffered multiple injuries. The child was taken […]