In Grodno, cases of microsporia became more frequent. If over the past six months only 13 cats and 1 dog were infected with this dangerous disease, then only in July alone this disease was recorded in 14 animals. Today, this number is only increasing. Doctors warn that this skin disease is difficult to identify even with the help of special medical equipment. In case of any suspicion it is better to consult a doctor. If you see that the pet […]

It will be possible to vaccinate your pet for free in Grodno on June 10 and 11 in the agro-town of Korobchitsy. Vaccination will be carried out by specialists. It will be possible to vaccinate an animal from rabies near the Rodny Kut store (opposite the Comrade bar) from 10 to 15 hours. Veterinarians will use the rabies vaccine "Belrab" (made in Belarus). It is worth recalling that cats and dogs should be vaccinated against rabies each year. Avoiding vaccination […]

Due to the negligence of the chief zootechnician in the SEC of the Grodno district, almost 100 head of livestock suffered. As the prosecutor's office of the Grodno region told, due to the fault of the livestock technician at the enterprise, they were preparing food for animals incorrectly – they added a special additive with an excess. Due to ignorance, the workers of dairy farms introduced into the animal diet an additive that was several times higher than the amount […]

From Monday, May 20, in areas of our country bordering Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, the bait with the vaccine is scattered. According to the information of the Grodno veterinary service, the blister-bait with the vaccine is dropped from the aircraft. In order to avoid injury, local residents are asked to avoid being in the flight zone. It is also forbidden to pick up bait and feed their pets. If the vaccine still gets into open areas of the body or […]

On June 2, a 7-year-old girl suffered from a dog bite in Grodno. The dog bit the child when it passed near the cafe. According to the Department of Internal Affairs of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee, the girl, at the request of her mother, went to a nearby cafe for kvass. At one of the tables was a 31-year-old man. Next to him lay a half-breed dog. The girl did not try to get close to the animal and […]