A cat show was held in Minsk on September weekend. Maine Coons, bald sphinxes and Bengal kittens could be bought right on the spot. Some owners made concessions that day and made discounts to those who bought cats at the event. So, the price from $ 250 for Scottish kittens was reduced to $ 200. According to the administrator of the exhibition, the event has been held for the ninth consecutive year. The season begins in September after a long […]

The standard pets for Belarusians are cats, dogs, fish, but in no case raccoons or chinchillas, as in our situation. If you see a fox on a leash, then many questions immediately arise. One of which is "Why exactly this animal?" We talked with Nelly Hvalko, the owner of one of the “non-standard” pets, and found out why the choice for cats or dogs is becoming less and less. – You need to walk the dogs, but I lived in […]

Nowadays, it’s hard to surprise a person with a domestic cat, dog or hamster. These animals have long become familiar to us, we know how to care for them and often keep them at home. And what about raccoons, whose popularity has been growing rapidly lately? It is not surprising, because the sweet, smart face and mischievous, cheerful character will not leave anyone indifferent. Anya lives in a private house. The girl decided to start a raccoon spontaneously, after watching […]

Someone leads raccoons and chanterelles on a leash through the streets of Minsk, while someone keeps dozens of poisonous spiders at home. A resident of the capital shared why she brought exotic animals and how much it costs to care for them. How long have you been fond of such exotic? Who was the first unusual pet? – I have been fond of this for a very long time, since childhood. I still remember that I have favorite pages in […]

The presence of pets is always good, because they create comfort and give warmth to the owners. However, cats and cats can spoil the mattress at any time, which will create serious difficulties. But the fact is that cat urine has in its composition many chemical elements that cannot be removed using ordinary water and means. Therefore, everyone should know how to effectively get rid of the smell and what recommendations should be remembered during the procedure. Emergency measures Cat […]

Researchers from Canada conducted a study where they learned that dog bites can be hurt not only in the street, but also at home. And, as it turned out, at home, the owners of dogs are more often attacked by their pets. Most victims of dogs are the elderly or children. True, the experts did not understand why the best friends of a person, who are distinguished by their devotion, often attack defenseless households. As for children, experts say that […]

Locals called the cat King Raddington for his unusual behavior. In England, the cat became the star of not only the village, but also the Internet. The animal has its own Facebook page, where new photos regularly appear. The popularity of Ruddington brought the fact that five years ago, he was offended by his mistress and left home. When the woman brought two kittens, which were thrown into the street, he waved his tail and went out into the yard. […]

In the wild, foxes are considered dangerous animals, primarily because they are carriers of various infections, including deadly rabies. Recently, however, they are gaining popularity as pets thanks to their beautiful redhead muzzle. Foxes are almost like dogs With the biological component of the fox belong to the family of canine or canine. If there are acquaintances who held a domestic fox, they will definitely tell you that some of their habits resemble a canine, for example, they wag their […]

Last month, a young street cat came into the fire station in the bitter cold in the hope that people would help her. The Steinbach Fire Department fire station attendant in the city of Steinbach, Manitoba (Canada), was very surprised when he passed by and saw how the little cat persistently looks out the window directly at him. "It was a cold evening and she was standing outside the window. When one of our firefighters went outside, she ran straight […]

A cat from a monastery in Lviv showed that he is able to find his way home just as well as any dog. This interesting case was told on the air of news on the Ukrainian channel “1 + 1” on May 21. Reportedly, the cat Murchik lived in the Lavrovsky monastery for 8 years. The priest’s father Theodore Lev, whose pet was the aforementioned Murchik, was transferred to serve in Lutsk and he took the cat with him. However, […]