In the process of evolution, the muscles of the dogs' muzzles changed, and it is assumed that the ancient pogods cannot make a sweet expression and the edge of the house. A recent experiment by Japanese academics has proven that man and dog can form an oxytocin loop or a loop of trust. This loop is characterized by the pleasure that the owner and pet are experiencing from communicating with each other. Since the oxytocin loop appears only after eye […]

Since in the modern world the fashion has started to get itself outlandish pets, today we will talk about raccoons, which are touched with a half-look. These animals have many shortcomings, and before acquiring such a friend, you need to think about whether you can master the pet content or not. However, all have disadvantages, but not pluses. Therefore, today we will tell you why you need to have a raccoon. First of all, these animals are very clean, so […]

Recently, fashion has gone on outlandish pets, such as chinchillas, ferrets, foxes. Today we will talk about the pros and cons of the little fluffy lumps that every allergic person dreams of, perhaps. However, in any case, initially you need to think carefully whether you are ready to have such an animal, because it is difficult to care for him, and it is much more difficult than a cat or a dog. So why should you get a chinchilla: They […]

A resident of Austin, Texas, Gabriella Tropi a few days ago found out that she could not get out through the main door, as her sister accidentally closed it. Inside the front door did not open. And when Gabriella decided to exit through the back door, this door was locked with a wooden stick. Because of this wand the door, which was pushed aside to the side, could not be moved. But luckily the girl, on the street, near the […]

This story began last summer, when a pregnant stray cat climbed into a London mansion and forever changed both her life and the life of the owner of the house. The cat climbed into the home of the British independent film director Paris Zarsil. One morning, he woke up in his house in London and was amazed to find a completely unfamiliar black-and-white cat under the bed. And the cat was not alone, next to her lay four newborn kittens. […]