Employees of the Nara Deer Conservation Fund announced the death of 14 animals. It is known that plastic bags were found in the stomachs of animals. It is assumed that they became the cause of death. About the incident reports the Air Force. In one of them found more than 4 kg. plastic in the stomach. It is worth noting that the Japanese city of Nara is quite popular among tourists due to the fact that there are many Buddhist […]

Love is not only all ages, but all sizes. This was proved by a pygmy rabbit named Romeo, weighing less than 2 kg, finding a life friend in the form of a huge Flemish bunny Lily Sunshine weighing more than 7 kg. Romeo and Lily live in the Covelli family and became popular thanks to their instagram. According to the rabbit owners, Romeo and Lily spend most of their time together and sleep, too, hugging each other (goodnewsanimal.ru). "Everyone who […]

Carmen Weinberg, head of the Animal Friends Project, a private animal care company, that day went to a trailer park in West Palm Beach, Florida, where you could often see street cats groups. "I went there to bring medicine for one cat, and then I saw this gray cat on the side of the road. She sat quite still." The woman stopped near the cat, went outside with a jar of food and began to call the cat to her. […]