It is difficult to treat animals, because they cannot tell us where it hurts, but sometimes they need help no less than people. Today we’ll talk about the work of those who will conduct a complete diagnosis of the condition of the animal and provide qualified veterinary care. The heroine of our history Veronika Senko dreamed of becoming a veterinarian from the 1st grade. She says that even in one of her school essays on the topic “What I want […]

Sammy Lee from New Zealand admitted to the live show Good Morning Britain that she loves hunting and enjoys it. For this recognition, the girl was shamed. It is reported by The Sun. A 22-year-old girl posts photos of dead kangaroos, wild boars, ducks and deer on her Instagram. By the way, she does not go hunting alone, but with her fiancé. Hunting dogs help them keep track of their prey. Also, the couple loves fishing. According to the girl, […]

Experts told how dangerous excessive love to the cat family for a person. According to experts, many tails can be the main cause of serious health problems of their owners, and those who allow animals to sleep in the same bed are at greatest risk. Doctors emphasize that ringworm, chlamydia or worms can be transmitted to a person from a cat. In addition, cats can become carriers of very serious and dangerous ailments. For example, they can infect a host […]

Researchers in the field of zoology conducted an experiment, with the help of which they learned why domestic cats love to sleep lying on their owners. Zoologists suggest that this can be explained by three reasons. First of all, cats love heat, and the human body radiates it. The second hypothesis says that for cats, a person is associated with his mother, therefore, ostensibly falling asleep on his mother, cats feel safe. Thirdly, cats love to sleep in convenient places, […]

Love is not only all ages, but all sizes. This was proved by a pygmy rabbit named Romeo, weighing less than 2 kg, finding a life friend in the form of a huge Flemish bunny Lily Sunshine weighing more than 7 kg. Romeo and Lily live in the Covelli family and became popular thanks to their instagram. According to the rabbit owners, Romeo and Lily spend most of their time together and sleep, too, hugging each other ( "Everyone who […]

Probably every cat lover at least once thought about why their pets periodically like to sleep on their stomach, legs or face. Today we will talk about three theories that remarkably describe and explain this phenomenon: choose the one you like the most. Option One – temperature-energy-healing Let's start with something interesting: you knew that there is such a healing practice as felinotherapy – treatment with cats. According to this method, the mustache should just spend time with you and […]