The criminal case against the “mozyr slaughterer” was transferred to the prosecutor for referral to the court. 10 kittens became victims of the man, the accused was recognized as mentally ill. According to the Investigation Committee, a 28-year-old resident of Mozyr is accused of ill-treatment of animals. It was established that in the summer of 2018, a man found announcements about the transfer of kittens into good hands, picked up animals and later mocked them. The painful actions of the […]

In Omsk, on June 23, an emergency occurred at the zoo: a drunken man entered the aviary with a bear and lost his hand. According to preliminary information, the man was intoxicated when he decided to open the cage and feed the beast. Whether the victim is a zoo worker or came to the zoo as a visitor is not reported. It is also not known how he managed to freely enter the cage to a dangerous beast. It is […]

In Thailand, wild elephants attacked a couple. It became known that the animals were looking for their own food. At some point, they stumbled upon a tent in which lovers were resting. AFP reports what happened. The woman managed to hide under the truck, which stood nearby. The man tried to escape, but he did not succeed. One of the elephants pierced him with his tusk. As a result of his injuries, the man died on the spot. Deforestation in […]

80-year-old British pensioner John Summer 12 years ago saved a seagull with a broken leg. He fed the bird, as the wounded gull could not get food for itself. Since then, when he comes every day to the nearest beach, Instow Beach, near the village of Yelland, Devon, this gull recognizes him and flies to him. John gave the bird the nickname Chipi and the seagull spends with him all the time when the man is on the beach. The […]

This man loves to hug his therapeutic pet and says that it gives him great emotional support and helps to cope with depressions. And in the pets he has a young alligator named Wally. 65-year-old Joey Henny from Pennsylvania suffered from severe depression for some time, but flatly refused to take medicine. And then his attending physician recommended him to attend sessions of communication with some animal from the shelter ( When Joey came to the shelter to choose his […]

On a cold January evening in 2019, a resident of the city of Griffith, Indiana, Bob Holter suddenly wanted to go to the store, located 2 miles from his home. At the same time, Bob rarely goes on foot, and more and more by car, but that evening he decided that it was time for him to warm up a little. When Holter crossed the local bridge, he suddenly heard some strange noise below. When Bob listened, it became clear […]