Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, so you should better know your favorites and stop believing in popular misconceptions. Key myths: 1. A cat can fall from a height without risk to health. This ability does not have any animal on the planet. There is a shock factor here: after a stressful situation, the pet tries to get away from the place of fall to hell, so for some time it does not feel pain. […]

In order for the pets to be healthy and not to experience problems with well-being, dog owners should carefully monitor the animals and also get rid of strong stereotypes and misconceptions. Experts voiced the most common myths regarding dogs: 1. If the nose is dry, then the pet is sick or does not feel well. Many owners panic if their dog’s nose is no longer wet, which is absolutely in vain. This symptom will never 100% say that the dog […]

Experts have collected the most popular myths about cats, which are often present among furry pet breeders. Firstly, not all cats love stroking, some do not like to touch them at all. In addition, you can not put much pressure on them at the time of stroking, because it annoys them. But almost all cats love gentle scratching behind the ear and just below the cheeks. Secondly, if the cat does not obey, this does not mean that he feels […]

Researchers from the University of Oregon conducted a lot of research on the topic of cat independence, and for good reason: the results will please fans of purring creatures. In fact, cats are not so independent, and the widespread opinion about this is nothing more than a myth. It's no secret that once in ancient times these animals were considered sacred in Egypt, because they served the goddess Bast, who endowed them with magical powers. Now the magical charm of […]