People who suffer from allergies should eat packs of pills at the sight of animals so that a severe reaction does not occur. Therefore, sometimes having a pet becomes a big problem. There are many pet hypoallergenic animals, but among cats and dogs, finding these is not easy. By the way, allergic reactions can provoke not only wool, but also saliva, sweat, and skin particles. So, experts named 4 breeds of hypoallergenic dogs. These include affenpinchers – a dog with […]

Experts told which breed of dog is best to have if there is a child in the house. For example, the cavalier king charles spaniel – these dogs are insanely kind and playful, and they get along even with those children who cannot leave the pet alone, and silky-soft hair is a nice bonus. Bernese Mountain Dogs also get along well with children. True, since the size of the pet will not be the smallest, they are more suitable for […]

Survival in the wild largely depends on how powerful the jaw the animal has. Scientists named animals that have the most powerful indicators: 1. Saltwater crocodile. This kind of reptile even overtook the alligator: the strength of the jaw was 250 atmospheres. An adult can reach a size of 5 meters, while extinct brethren were 12 meters each. According to biologists, this living creature is perhaps one of the most dangerous on the planet: if it is set up aggressively, […]

Experts have collected the most popular myths about cats, which are often present among furry pet breeders. Firstly, not all cats love stroking, some do not like to touch them at all. In addition, you can not put much pressure on them at the time of stroking, because it annoys them. But almost all cats love gentle scratching behind the ear and just below the cheeks. Secondly, if the cat does not obey, this does not mean that he feels […]

Scientists have long studied the properties of animals to positively affect human health. Which pets turned out to be the most “useful”: 1. Cats. Their healing properties have been known since time immemorial. Cats can really treat humans better than other animals. The cat’s ability to establish heart rate and blood pressure has been scientifically proven. Also, communication with cats will help get rid of bad mood, depression and mental disorders. 2. Dogs. Their saliva has an excellent antimicrobial effect. […]

Experts point out that quite often domestic cats suffer from illnesses associated with malnutrition. Veterinarians have compiled a list of the most common cat ailments: obesity, allergies, dermatitis and urolithiasis. According to experts, everything depends on the lack of proper and balanced nutrition in the pet, for them it is just as important as for a person. It is also very important to properly care for your pet, because if you do not, then many diseases will stick to the […]