Olga Orlova threw all her strength into picking up the dog from the flayer as soon as possible. Singer and TV presenter Olga Orlova saw shocking shots on the net. The owner tied the dog to his car and dragged along the Kiev highway. The male Alabai was very old. He could not stand such mockery, just falling exhausted on the asphalt. A video of such animal cruelty infuriated Olga Orlova. This very minute she decided to act. The star […]

Many cat owners are aware of their pet’s habit of sleeping with their owner. Experts were able to answer why animals like to sleep in human society: 1. She wants to treat you. There are legends about the healing power of cats. Animals determine which part of your body hurts and try to settle down there. It is very easy to determine for cats: a sore spot is much warmer than the rest of the body. 2. Love affection. Despite […]

In South Africa, a dog received a bullet wound, protecting its owner from criminals. The incident occurred in the South African suburb of Michells Plain on July 17th. The criminals got to the house of the man at the moment when he opened the garage door. When the man got out of the car and went to the gate, an unknown person came up to him from the back and sent a gun at him, demanding that he give the […]

In Ireland, a swan attacked a dog and killed it with its wings. The incident occurred in Ireland in the city of Dublin. A local resident went for a walk in the park with his dog Cocker Spaniel. During the walk the dog ran into the pond to swim. The appearance of the dog on its territory did not like the swan. The bird grabbed the dog's wings and began to beat. For several minutes the owner was trying to […]

The dog had been waiting for the deceased owner for weeks, not leaving the door of his office. The incident happened in the Philippines. Dog Buba was friends for two years with a 58-year-old man who died from a stroke. He taught at a college located in the province of Pampanga. According to news agencies, Buboy constantly visited the teacher in the morning – he came directly to the school building. There the man fed him. College staff decided to […]

It turns out that a person with his behavior can greatly influence the behavior of his beloved pet. These findings were shared by researchers from the University of Lincoln, UK, who were able to establish a relationship between cats and their owners. Cats, like people, living for a long time surrounded by one character, they become the same in character, even try to imitate him in something. It is noted that more than 3.3 thousand pets and owners took part […]

This story began last summer, when a pregnant stray cat climbed into a London mansion and forever changed both her life and the life of the owner of the house. The cat climbed into the home of the British independent film director Paris Zarsil. One morning, he woke up in his house in London and was amazed to find a completely unfamiliar black-and-white cat under the bed. And the cat was not alone, next to her lay four newborn kittens. […]

A devotional six-year-old Labrador named Toto spent the whole week at the doors of the Pablo Soria Hospital in San Salvador de Jujuy (Argentina). The dog was waiting for his master and did not know that he died, and the relatives of the man simply forgot about the dog. The dog did not move away from the side door next to the main entrance to the hospital, and soon a cardboard box was placed there and a piece of cardboard […]