Researchers in the field of zoology conducted an experiment, with the help of which they learned why domestic cats love to sleep lying on their owners. Zoologists suggest that this can be explained by three reasons. First of all, cats love heat, and the human body radiates it. The second hypothesis says that for cats, a person is associated with his mother, therefore, ostensibly falling asleep on his mother, cats feel safe. Thirdly, cats love to sleep in convenient places, […]

The cat, who constantly sneezes, stayed for a long time at a shelter in Britain because he could not find a loving family. A tabby cat named Eliot suffers from chronic rhinitis. He found himself at the shelter because his former owner suffered from allergies. Reported by the Independent. Cat disease manifests itself in an eternal nasal congestion and sneezing. According to the staff of the shelter, people are worried about the cost of medicines that must be given to […]

Probably every cat lover at least once thought about why their pets periodically like to sleep on their stomach, legs or face. Today we will talk about three theories that remarkably describe and explain this phenomenon: choose the one you like the most. Option One – temperature-energy-healing Let's start with something interesting: you knew that there is such a healing practice as felinotherapy – treatment with cats. According to this method, the mustache should just spend time with you and […]

In Florida, the domestic cat saved the lives of its owners, warning the couple that the house is filled with carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide or according to scientific carbon monoxide is a very toxic, odorless and tasteless substance. It occurs during combustion, as well as contained in the exhaust of the car. Spouses Paul and Leon Jones from Delton, Florida, after a trip to the supermarket came home, but when they put their car in the garage, they forgot to […]