Researchers from the UK and the USA told how dogs learned to manipulate people. As it turned out, in the process of evolution, dogs developed small facial muscles, which helps them now to imitate the “childish” expression of the muzzle, which people like so much. In scientific work it is told that such “puppy eyes” made these animals domestic. It was previously believed that this physiology of the face was characteristic of dogs from the very beginning of their existence, […]

Cats are unique animals that are chosen not by man, but by man. Maybe sometime a question appeared in my head: why do these little animals go to some and sizzle on others? It turns out that people can like tails and annoy them. And so the experts voiced several types of people who do not like tails. 1. Explosive people Pets see danger in explosive people, because you never know what to expect from this person, and he can […]

Somewhere in Virginia, the family sold their home and moved, leaving their pet, a beautiful and fluffy ragdoll cat, on the street. Once in the cold, the former pet was shocked and began walking through other houses in the neighborhood, trying to find food and shelter there. One day, a cat came to the home of a caring woman who already knew that the cat was abandoned by the former tenants in the neighborhood and she was very outraged by […]

Experts around the world talk about the inevitable reduction of animal species and populations. While some experts are sounding the alarm around the world, trying to encourage as many countries as possible to maintain populations and adjust animal policies, others are trying to understand why people are not doing anything to preserve biodiversity. Experts were able to identify several reasons that motivate this behavior. 1. The problem of reserves. As practice shows, animals in captivity breed reluctantly, therefore, such preservation […]

Veterinarians of Goldens Vets Clinic in Neilsi, North Somerset (England) on their Facebook page asked to send them knitted sweaters for guinea pigs and rabbits. It turned out that these small animals after freeing from general anesthesia are very cold, and ordinary blankets are not suitable for them, they throw them off. After a call for help, the mother of one of the nurses tied the first green sweater and when he was put on a guinea pig and posted […]

It turns out that the choice of pet affects genetics. It is noteworthy that even the breed that people choose will depend entirely on genetics – a pug, a terrier, a sheepdog or a poodle. It is noted that zoologists from Uppsala and Liverpool universities were engaged in research. The experiment was conducted from 2001 to 2016, it was attended by 35,035 twin pairs from Sweden. It turned out that identical twins, who were genetically the same, often either had […]