Some astrologers believe that the planets influence not only the character of people, but also our smaller brothers. Experts are sure that the pet's month of birth will also reflect your pet's habits. Aries: definitely not suitable for phlegmatic host. Such cats are extremely curious and lively, they cannot sit in one place for a long time. You need to play with them often so that they don't get bored. Taurus: calm and lazy. Your activity in your own way […]

In summer, the danger of heat stroke exists not only for people, but also for pets. Veterinarians told about 4 rules that must be followed during the hot season: 1. Pay attention to the temperature of the animal. Normal dog body temperature varies depending on the breed, but it should not exceed 40 degrees. 2. Access to fluid. Be sure to ensure that your pet was provided with drinking water at room temperature. If you are going together for a […]

The content of the cute animal is a little different from the animals we are used to. If you would like to invite a ferret to your house, then first familiarize yourself with its main features: 1. Relationship with children. Ferret still a little wild. If it is squeezed more than an animal would like, it can bite from the heart. 2. Content. Be sure to find out in nearby veterinary clinics if they work with ferrets, as not every […]

All children sooner or later ask to have a pet. Further, the choice remains for parents. If you have given your consent, then the next thing you come across is the pet's choice. In this case, all individually. First, you need to find out the child's preference, and secondly, find out if anyone has a domestic allergy to the chosen pet. It is very important. It is better to be immediately informed than to look for where to put the […]

Pet owners always leave the house with a heavy heart. But otherwise, it is enough just to remember the sad eyes of the animal, as you immediately want to stay at home and not go anywhere. We will tell you how to take your pet while he is alone at home. As a rule, cats are much easier to tolerate separation, but a yearning dog is able to arrange a rout throughout the house. Buy your pet a lot of […]