The standard pets for Belarusians are cats, dogs, fish, but in no case raccoons or chinchillas, as in our situation. If you see a fox on a leash, then many questions immediately arise. One of which is "Why exactly this animal?" We talked with Nelly Hvalko, the owner of one of the “non-standard” pets, and found out why the choice for cats or dogs is becoming less and less. – You need to walk the dogs, but I lived in […]

Nowadays, it’s hard to surprise a person with a domestic cat, dog or hamster. These animals have long become familiar to us, we know how to care for them and often keep them at home. And what about raccoons, whose popularity has been growing rapidly lately? It is not surprising, because the sweet, smart face and mischievous, cheerful character will not leave anyone indifferent. Anya lives in a private house. The girl decided to start a raccoon spontaneously, after watching […]

Astrologers decided to tell which pet is most suitable for different signs of the zodiac. Therefore, if you want to have a pet, check out this article. Aries The energies of these people can be envied. Therefore, astrologers recommend that representatives of this Zodiac Sign pay attention to dogs. It is desirable that this be an active breed. Aries will be very interested in walking with such a dog on the street. Taurus It is advisable for people born under […]

British scientists managed to find out that loyalty and devotion are capable not only of pets, but also of their owners. With the help of the survey it was possible to establish that a quarter of women are ready to break off relations with a partner if they did not like their pet. As for men, relations are more important for them: only 12% of the stronger sex would choose their pets. It was also possible to find out that […]

Stress can be caused by insomnia, problems at work and in personal life, as well as other factors. By the way, modern people are subject to this state. It is desirable to overcome stress in time in order to avoid problems. It has long been known that beloved pets help people get rid of stress and relieve stress. It is worth noting that in Japan you can take cats with you to work. According to the inhabitants of this country, […]

Veterinarians talked about pets that are most likely to become obese with improper diet. According to experts, the nutrition of small breeds of dogs, sphinx cats and lizards should be carefully monitored. Otherwise, the pet will have big health problems. Quite often, the owners try to encourage their pets with food, which is absolutely not worth doing. It is best to schedule an animal to feed by the hour and no more than 3 times a day. Pugs, dachshunds, lapdogs, […]

Not all owners are lucky, and the cat is next to them. And sometimes the tails are not lucky: it is forbidden to sleep on a bed, couch chairs. In any case, the pet needs its own personal bed. It is very important to choose a comfortable one so that it does not stand idle, because the cat may not approve the gift. First, pay attention to the nature of the pet: an extrovert or introvert. For the first, an […]

Some astrologers believe that the planets influence not only the character of people, but also our smaller brothers. Experts are sure that the pet's month of birth will also reflect your pet's habits. Aries: definitely not suitable for phlegmatic host. Such cats are extremely curious and lively, they cannot sit in one place for a long time. You need to play with them often so that they don't get bored. Taurus: calm and lazy. Your activity in your own way […]

In summer, the danger of heat stroke exists not only for people, but also for pets. Veterinarians told about 4 rules that must be followed during the hot season: 1. Pay attention to the temperature of the animal. Normal dog body temperature varies depending on the breed, but it should not exceed 40 degrees. 2. Access to fluid. Be sure to ensure that your pet was provided with drinking water at room temperature. If you are going together for a […]

The content of the cute animal is a little different from the animals we are used to. If you would like to invite a ferret to your house, then first familiarize yourself with its main features: 1. Relationship with children. Ferret still a little wild. If it is squeezed more than an animal would like, it can bite from the heart. 2. Content. Be sure to find out in nearby veterinary clinics if they work with ferrets, as not every […]