How many people, when they get a pet, think about how much it costs to maintain a four-friend, how much will you have to spend on feeding, treatment and entertainment? For the maintenance of pets, it is necessary to register the animal with the subsequent payment of tax. The tax on owning a dog is 0.3% of the base value per quarter – 7.65 rubles. There is no need to pay for keeping a cat. Our heroine of the Nina […]

During a scientific experiment, Canadian scientists managed to find out that contact with pets will protect children from developing allergies and obesity at an older age. However, starting a friendship is from the earliest years – with diapers. The most "useful" were those animals that have wool. Specialists monitored the health status of children for 3 years. Under the scrutiny of experts were 746 children. Dogs turned out to be the best pets: in 70% of cases, healthy children lived […]

Many people can not imagine their life without pets who walk in the garden and give their warmth to the owners. However, experienced gardeners know that cute and gentle pets can cause serious harm to the garden. Therefore, every summer resident should know how to protect the green spaces from the attacks of cats or dogs, which can cause serious harm. Who does serious damage It is enough to take only two of the most popular pets as a basis: […]

Researchers at the University of Washington came to the conclusion that a few minutes of communication with dogs and cats leads to a decrease in the level of stress in humans. Participants in the experiment were students at Washington University, who spent 10 minutes a day with animals. The study found that contact with dogs and cats several times allowed to reduce the level of the stress hormone. In addition, scientists have found that communication with animals has a positive […]

Veterinarians gave a few tips that will help protect pets in hot weather. Despite the fact that animals have heat exchange different from human, they suffer from stuffiness on the street no less than their owners. Make it a rule to renew the water to your pet: in the morning, at lunch and in the evening, and also keep an eye out in between. It is important that the cat or dog do not need water. In addition, it is […]

It will be possible to vaccinate your pet for free in Grodno on June 10 and 11 in the agro-town of Korobchitsy. Vaccination will be carried out by specialists. It will be possible to vaccinate an animal from rabies near the Rodny Kut store (opposite the Comrade bar) from 10 to 15 hours. Veterinarians will use the rabies vaccine "Belrab" (made in Belarus). It is worth recalling that cats and dogs should be vaccinated against rabies each year. Avoiding vaccination […]