The white bear Gerda from the Novosibirsk zoo has given birth to two white bear cubs. The joyful event took place on December 11, 2018, but the zoo officially announced this only recently. In nature, white dippers soon after childbirth hide in a den and stay there for several months and do without food. In the conditions of the zoo, they also tried to create a protection regime for the bear, Gerda, without disturbing Gerda and not visiting her in […]

Three months ago, a female white bear was born in the German zoo Tierpark Berlin. The name has not yet been given to him, and 9-year-old bear Tonya became his mother. All these three months, the baby and her mother were in a separate aviary and finally, from March 16, they will be shown to the general public in a large aviary with a pool. Tonya and her baby have already started to learn a new aviary and the bear […]