On a cold January evening in 2019, a resident of the city of Griffith, Indiana, Bob Holter suddenly wanted to go to the store, located 2 miles from his home. At the same time, Bob rarely goes on foot, and more and more by car, but that evening he decided that it was time for him to warm up a little. When Holter crossed the local bridge, he suddenly heard some strange noise below. When Bob listened, it became clear […]

Dog Charlie is 11 years old and by dog ​​standards he is already old. And when several years ago he developed glaucoma, he had to remove both eyes. Charlie gradually adapted to the “dark” lifestyle, but became much less mobile and less playful. Recently, however, Charlie has become very lively, because he has not only a new friend, but also a kind of guide. Charlie Chelsea’s owners Steve and her husband recently brought home a puppy named Meverick of the […]