Many people are afraid to start dogs for one simple reason: their education is a big responsibility. What advice does a dog handler bring up a puppy: 1. Do not allow sleep with you. The dog knows that the leader of the pack sleeps on the dais, so that he can challenge your leadership position. 2. You eat first. You should not first “serve” a puppy: first you and family members go, and only then the dog. 3. Do not […]

It is very difficult for pet lovers to pull themselves together and refuse to fulfill the request of four-legged friends, for example, to give an extra piece of meat or allow you to soak in a warm bed. On the one hand, everything is correct, because they become an integral part of the family, and on the other hand, they are animals that have their own instincts and thoughts. If a dog is shown that it is the main one, […]

Who said that a cat can not be raised? You can, if this is very desirable. But, before you start a pet, you need to understand that the pet in the house is a responsibility; care for the pet will also be added to your usual tasks, and you should also be given enough time. By the way, did you know that in some European countries shelters do not give up animals, because the owner is not at home for […]