Many cat owners are aware of their pet’s habit of sleeping with their owner. Experts were able to answer why animals like to sleep in human society: 1. She wants to treat you. There are legends about the healing power of cats. Animals determine which part of your body hurts and try to settle down there. It is very easy to determine for cats: a sore spot is much warmer than the rest of the body. 2. Love affection. Despite […]

The cat gives any home a feeling of comfort and harmony, a sense of calm and warmth. What other advantages does this pet have: 1. You will never be alone. The cat will always be close to its owner and will gladly keep you company. 2. Their purring raises the spirits and calms, tunes in a positive way. 3. Cats act as antidepressants, allowing you to feel much better. 4. You will never oversleep work, because your pet will wake […]

Since in the modern world the fashion has started to get itself outlandish pets, today we will talk about raccoons, which are touched with a half-look. These animals have many shortcomings, and before acquiring such a friend, you need to think about whether you can master the pet content or not. However, all have disadvantages, but not pluses. Therefore, today we will tell you why you need to have a raccoon. First of all, these animals are very clean, so […]

In the wild, foxes are considered dangerous animals, primarily because they are carriers of various infections, including deadly rabies. Recently, however, they are gaining popularity as pets thanks to their beautiful redhead muzzle. Foxes are almost like dogs With the biological component of the fox belong to the family of canine or canine. If there are acquaintances who held a domestic fox, they will definitely tell you that some of their habits resemble a canine, for example, they wag their […]

Surely everyone wonders why cats and dogs can't live in peace. In fact, this is influenced by typical factors, and, by the way, in the roving life they rarely quarrel with each other, more often they simply bypass each other. Another thing is when they live in a common house. They do not understand each other In cats and dogs, a different language of communication with each other, for example, when a dog wags its tail, the cat perceives it […]

People believe that cats, like dogs, eat grass to compensate for the lack of vitamins in the body. In the animal kingdom, it may be okay, but when your favorite pet lives in an apartment decorated with plants, you don’t really want your home garden to suffer because of the animal, no matter how much you love it. Let us examine a few main reasons why cats love to feast on a home rose or agave. For cats, home plants […]