Earlier this year, Carmen Weinberg, founder of Florida's Animal Friends Project, a private cat-assisting cat society, reported a street stray cat. According to an unnamed woman, this cat appeared near her house and looked very bad, clearly in need of medical care. The cat also constantly meowed plaintively. “According to her, it was an adult ginger cat, but his skin and coat were badly affected by a scabies-like illness. So bad that he couldn’t open his eyes,” says Carmen (Good […]

In the Philippines, two domestic dogs fought a cobra and saved a child's life. An unequal battle of a poisonous snake and two dogs hit the video. The frame shows how a snake crawled on a section of a residential building. This time noticed two dogs – Moxie and Miley. The dogs desperately rushed at the snake, grabbed it with their teeth and began to fight. The cobra had been squirming all this time, trying to break free and climb […]

An unusual incident occurred in the Chinese city of Aksu. There was a sheep under the car. Near the wounded "girlfriend" crowded a whole herd of animals. A video appeared on the Web, which shows how courageous tribeswomen defended the “companion” from passing cars. A far from atypical incident on camera was filmed by one of the witnesses. Soon the video appeared on the Newsflare Internet site. On the video you can see that at least a dozen sheep have […]

New Yorker Rene Becerra last winter saw a striped stray cat outside her apartment window. Later, the cat returned to the same place and she was not alone, but with three kittens aged about 2 months. The cat obviously chose this place because there was less wind blowing because a large tree grew close to the window (goodnewsanimal.ru) Renee has been feeding local street cats for a long time and now she began to think how to help the new […]

80-year-old British pensioner John Summer 12 years ago saved a seagull with a broken leg. He fed the bird, as the wounded gull could not get food for itself. Since then, when he comes every day to the nearest beach, Instow Beach, near the village of Yelland, Devon, this gull recognizes him and flies to him. John gave the bird the nickname Chipi and the seagull spends with him all the time when the man is on the beach. The […]

On a cold January evening in 2019, a resident of the city of Griffith, Indiana, Bob Holter suddenly wanted to go to the store, located 2 miles from his home. At the same time, Bob rarely goes on foot, and more and more by car, but that evening he decided that it was time for him to warm up a little. When Holter crossed the local bridge, he suddenly heard some strange noise below. When Bob listened, it became clear […]