American experts have managed to find a way to make domestic cats happier. Although cats have long been pets living next to humans, they remain predators by nature. It is for this reason that it is worth bringing your pet's home as close as possible to the conditions of its natural habitat. Best of all, the food puzzle handles this role. Cats are agile and curious animals that need daily activity and play. Try to stock up on various toys […]

Researchers have found an interesting connection between the behavior of different breeds of dogs and changes in the structure of their brain. It is noted that the study involved neuroscientists from America. During the experiment, they analyzed magnetic resonance imaging images of representatives of 33 tail species. As a result, it turned out that the brain of dogs of various breeds is significantly different from each other. It is noted that all tetrapods who participated in the study belonged to […]

It turns out that dogs can help cores. Academics from the Czech Republic conducted an experiment, where more than 1769 people took part. In the course of scientific work, it was found that pet owners are sports more active, and also try to adhere to proper nutrition. In the study, scientists tried to evaluate body mass index, diet, athletic activity, smoking status, blood pressure, blood glucose and total cholesterol. Then, experts compared the indicators of cardiovascular ailments of animal owners […]

Survival in the wild largely depends on how powerful the jaw the animal has. Scientists named animals that have the most powerful indicators: 1. Saltwater crocodile. This kind of reptile even overtook the alligator: the strength of the jaw was 250 atmospheres. An adult can reach a size of 5 meters, while extinct brethren were 12 meters each. According to biologists, this living creature is perhaps one of the most dangerous on the planet: if it is set up aggressively, […]

During a scientific experiment, Canadian scientists managed to find out that contact with pets will protect children from developing allergies and obesity at an older age. However, starting a friendship is from the earliest years – with diapers. The most "useful" were those animals that have wool. Specialists monitored the health status of children for 3 years. Under the scrutiny of experts were 746 children. Dogs turned out to be the best pets: in 70% of cases, healthy children lived […]

According to official figures, about 90,000 representatives of flora and fauna are at risk of extinction, and another 600 are as close as possible to this. Today, rare cats – Florida panthers – have been hit seriously. Animals abruptly began to die for no apparent reason: their paws refused. Only half a century ago, cougars could be found all over America: now wild cats can only be found in the state of Florida. They fell victim to the reduction of […]

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, so you should better know your favorites and stop believing in popular misconceptions. Key myths: 1. A cat can fall from a height without risk to health. This ability does not have any animal on the planet. There is a shock factor here: after a stressful situation, the pet tries to get away from the place of fall to hell, so for some time it does not feel pain. […]

A researcher at an educational institution in Kyoto Akiko Takaoka made a very surprising discovery after studying the behavior of four-legged animals. As it was found, animals are able to quickly recognize fraud on the part of people, for this reason they behave cautiously. The scientist manipulated empty and food-filled dishes. As a result, dogs reacted very quickly to people's gestures, but became aggressive if they were deprived of a certain sequence. The most striking thing is that at the […]

Scientists have long studied the properties of animals to positively affect human health. Which pets turned out to be the most “useful”: 1. Cats. Their healing properties have been known since time immemorial. Cats can really treat humans better than other animals. The cat’s ability to establish heart rate and blood pressure has been scientifically proven. Also, communication with cats will help get rid of bad mood, depression and mental disorders. 2. Dogs. Their saliva has an excellent antimicrobial effect. […]

Researchers from the Ben-Gurion University in Israel have created a special vest that can be controlled using the console. The vest is worn on the dog, then activated, after which the dog can be controlled using the remote control – to give commands that the pet easily performs. Microscopic vibration motors that are located on a special vest on the top, in the back area, as well as on the sides are embedded in the vest. Every time when the […]