Researchers in the field of zoology conducted an experiment, with the help of which they learned why domestic cats love to sleep lying on their owners. Zoologists suggest that this can be explained by three reasons. First of all, cats love heat, and the human body radiates it. The second hypothesis says that for cats, a person is associated with his mother, therefore, ostensibly falling asleep on his mother, cats feel safe. Thirdly, cats love to sleep in convenient places, […]

British biologists were able to train three long-sided seals to hum tunes. Previously, the ability to imitate human sounds was considered possible only in birds, which were actively studied in this direction. The experiment was conducted with the participation of three individuals: Gandalf, Ash and Janice. From birth they were in captivity, and even those sounds that produce seals, they had to be trained. Scientists believe that against the background of this study, we can lift the veil of secrecy […]

Researchers from the UK and the USA told how dogs learned to manipulate people. As it turned out, in the process of evolution, dogs developed small facial muscles, which helps them now to imitate the “childish” expression of the muzzle, which people like so much. In scientific work it is told that such “puppy eyes” made these animals domestic. It was previously believed that this physiology of the face was characteristic of dogs from the very beginning of their existence, […]

Researchers from the University of Oregon conducted a lot of research on the topic of cat independence, and for good reason: the results will please fans of purring creatures. In fact, cats are not so independent, and the widespread opinion about this is nothing more than a myth. It's no secret that once in ancient times these animals were considered sacred in Egypt, because they served the goddess Bast, who endowed them with magical powers. Now the magical charm of […]

Experts around the world talk about the inevitable reduction of animal species and populations. While some experts are sounding the alarm around the world, trying to encourage as many countries as possible to maintain populations and adjust animal policies, others are trying to understand why people are not doing anything to preserve biodiversity. Experts were able to identify several reasons that motivate this behavior. 1. The problem of reserves. As practice shows, animals in captivity breed reluctantly, therefore, such preservation […]

It turns out that a person with his behavior can greatly influence the behavior of his beloved pet. These findings were shared by researchers from the University of Lincoln, UK, who were able to establish a relationship between cats and their owners. Cats, like people, living for a long time surrounded by one character, they become the same in character, even try to imitate him in something. It is noted that more than 3.3 thousand pets and owners took part […]

In the Wolong nature reserve in the Chinese province of Sichuan, a photo trap managed to photograph a unique phenomenon – the albino panda. Picture taken at an altitude of 2,000 meters. The animal was quite large. The panda was completely snow-white: fur, eyes (although, as is proper for albinos, with a reddish tint), claws. Chinese scientists who investigated the picture, believe that the age of the animal is approximately 1-2 years. Experts said that the visual signs of the […]