Indian authorities have arrested a 45-year-old passenger of the flight Bangkok-Chennai, who was trying to smuggle a tiny live leopard cub into the country. The animal was planted in a carry-on bag and squeezed from hunger and fear. That is how the inspectors heard him at the airport and suspected that something was wrong. When they detained the passenger and demanded to open the bag, a weak monthly leopard cub weighing just over 1 kg was found in it ( […]

A small dog named Gabby Papillon breed showed such a high speed of jogging during the competition that the audience sighed and gasped, watching her. Despite her small legs and a height of only 20 cm, Gabby jumped over obstacles and ran through pipes and slides so quickly that it seemed that she was not running, but flying. Hostess Gabby barely kept pace with her. Agility competitions are a relatively new sport with a dog, invented in England in the […]