Donald Chizhik, an employee of the humane society "Happy Tails Humane Society" from Illinois, was driving recently to work and suddenly saw something unusual on the road. It looked like a red box thrown into a snowdrift on the side of the road, almost completely covered with snow because of a snowthrower. But when the man got out of the car and came closer, he realized that it was a carry for animals. And moreover, it was not empty, among […]

At the end of January 2019, somewhere in the state of Montana, a domestic cat named Fluffy decided to take a walk outside on a frosty day when his owners were not at home. However, for some reason the cat did not manage to return after a walk back to the warm house in the same way through the cat's door, and meanwhile the frost on the street intensified. When the family finally returned home, they found their cat lying […]