It turns out that the aggressiveness of stray dogs depends on where they are in the pack hierarchy. This hypothesis was put forward by researchers from the University of Exeter in the UK. The experts for six months studied the behavior of stray animals, they all kept in the same flock. Before the start of the study, academics set a goal – to find out which of the dogs most often attacks people, bites, barks or adopts a threatening posture. […]

In Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region, a pack of dogs attacked a child when a girl went to a music school. The girl did not pay attention to animals at first. However, the dogs suddenly surrounded her. After that, the girl covered her face with her hands so as not to see what the dogs would do. Then "the uncle came out and the dogs ran away," as the victim told about the ill-fated day when the dogs almost nibbled the child. […]

This story began last summer, when a pregnant stray cat climbed into a London mansion and forever changed both her life and the life of the owner of the house. The cat climbed into the home of the British independent film director Paris Zarsil. One morning, he woke up in his house in London and was amazed to find a completely unfamiliar black-and-white cat under the bed. And the cat was not alone, next to her lay four newborn kittens. […]