In Gomel, a man severely beat his pitostaff dog on the street. A shocking case of animal cruelty occurred on September 8 in the morning. The witness of this incident was a girl who told about the incident. Gomelchanka said that she saw a man with two dogs near the stop "Boris Tsarikov Street". The woman was interested in the man’s behavior, and she began to watch him. According to the witness, the dogs looked painful and did not obey […]

The guy picked up a dog that was lying on the side of the road, but the pet ran away from him. A guy from Thailand, whose name is Panitan, was driving a car to his home when he saw a black dog. She was lying on the side of the road. Of course, the young man could not pass by. He took the dog with him. The guy was convinced that the puppy was street, but later he began […]

Donald Chizhik, an employee of the humane society "Happy Tails Humane Society" from Illinois, was driving recently to work and suddenly saw something unusual on the road. It looked like a red box thrown into a snowdrift on the side of the road, almost completely covered with snow because of a snowthrower. But when the man got out of the car and came closer, he realized that it was a carry for animals. And moreover, it was not empty, among […]

Last month, a young street cat came into the fire station in the bitter cold in the hope that people would help her. The Steinbach Fire Department fire station attendant in the city of Steinbach, Manitoba (Canada), was very surprised when he passed by and saw how the little cat persistently looks out the window directly at him. "It was a cold evening and she was standing outside the window. When one of our firefighters went outside, she ran straight […]