Cats are among the most popular pets in the world. What you need to know the owners fluffy pet: 1. Buy a good scraper. Cats do not need to cut the claws, if they grow correctly, just buy the right claw. The best option would be the one that is made of natural fiber. If the claws do not grow correctly, then you should contact the veterinary clinic for help. 2. Comb the wool. Fluffy breeds – every day, smooth-haired […]

Despite the fact that the law obliges dog owners to walk them only in muzzles, no one is immune from the attack. Some owners deliberately ignore the rules, although they understand that their dog behaves aggressively. Also a homeless animal or a guard can attack – if its guard is located nearby. The rules of conduct for an attack are simple: 1. Do not run away. This is not a movie, any dog ​​runs much faster than a man. By […]

Many people are afraid to start dogs for one simple reason: their education is a big responsibility. What advice does a dog handler bring up a puppy: 1. Do not allow sleep with you. The dog knows that the leader of the pack sleeps on the dais, so that he can challenge your leadership position. 2. You eat first. You should not first “serve” a puppy: first you and family members go, and only then the dog. 3. Do not […]

In order to protect their pet from various diseases, the owners try to instill it. In general, this approach is correct, but there are times when it is worth holding off the vaccination: 1. Kitten under 12 weeks. At this age, the vaccine will be useless. If you picked up the animal from the street, it is better to consult with a veterinarian. 2. The animal is after surgery. The normal rehabilitation period of a cat is 4 weeks. 3. […]