Experts say that every cat can live more than 20 years. It all depends on the living conditions of the cat, what it eats and whether your pet has diseases. Experts talked about different breeds of cats and how much they can live. For example, a Bombay cat’s life is no longer than 12 years. Also, American bobtail and an exotic shorthair cat are not long-lived – as a rule, their life cycle lasts up to 13 years. 14 years […]

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection has published recommendations for the public on behavior when meeting wildlife. It is not recommended to be alone in the forest. If you nevertheless went to the forest alone, be sure to notify one of your relatives and relatives about this. Take your mobile phone, food and water with you. Clothing for going to the forest must be bright. Clothing should also protect you from the bites of wasps, bees and snakes. […]

Poodles are great companions that are perfect for keeping in the apartment. Veterinarians told the most interesting facts about the breed: 1. Pop King Elvis Presley was a loyal fan of this breed: he himself had several dogs, and he also tried to give poodles to all those who were dear to him. 2. In the guise that the poodle is presented today, it was bred in Germany. However, the greatest popularity went to dogs from the French: in this […]

Since the beginning of this year, Belarus has supplied abroad breeding cattle in the amount of about half a million dollars. By the end of this year, the figure should reach $ 2 million. The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Igor Brylo, informed about this on the air of the TV channel “Belarus 1”. A representative of the Ministry noted that the Belarusian livestock is in high demand in foreign countries. The largest export volumes fall […]

Researchers from Britain have found out which animals people dislike or fear most in the world. A study was conducted where about 2 thousand people took part. The subjects had to evaluate 24 photos with animals, the appearance of which often causes unpleasant emotions. As a result, the most negative ratings received images of the spider – the first place. Moreover, 19% of participants have a panic fear of these insects. The second place was taken by poisonous vipers and […]

Experts explained why sleeping with pets is dangerous for humans. As it turned out, tails can be a source of various ailments, therefore, in “dealing with” them, it is worth keeping a certain distance in order not to harm their health. In turn, doctors emphasize that a person can catch diseases such as chlamydia, ringworm, worms from pets, but the most dangerous is tuberculosis, salmonellosis, as well as toxoplasmosis. Many members of the cat family are carriers of intracellular parasites, […]

It turns out that the nature of cats is 50% dependent on genes. Finnish scientists have confirmed this hypothesis by research, in which 5,726 cats of 40 different breeds took part – they all had their owner. In the course of scientific work, animals were combined into 19 groups and compared them with each other. Factors such as gender, age, the ability to stay in open space and a tolerant attitude towards other pets were taken into account. The results […]

Veterinarians gave a few tips that will help protect pets in hot weather. Despite the fact that animals have heat exchange different from human, they suffer from stuffiness on the street no less than their owners. Make it a rule to renew the water to your pet: in the morning, at lunch and in the evening, and also keep an eye out in between. It is important that the cat or dog do not need water. In addition, it is […]

Experts around the world talk about the inevitable reduction of animal species and populations. While some experts are sounding the alarm around the world, trying to encourage as many countries as possible to maintain populations and adjust animal policies, others are trying to understand why people are not doing anything to preserve biodiversity. Experts were able to identify several reasons that motivate this behavior. 1. The problem of reserves. As practice shows, animals in captivity breed reluctantly, therefore, such preservation […]