Animals, like people, are divided into talkative and silent people. Among the dogs there are also silence, barking of which will never disturb or please you. On the one hand, perhaps this has its advantages, for example, no one will wake up the neighbors at night. Sometimes people have to train a pet, especially those who live in large cities, and it requires a quiet pastime while they are at work. And someone deliberately gets a little-mauled tail. Today we […]

Everyone knows that cats are predators, but only home ones. Despite this fact, pets kept the biorhythms of their ancestors. This means that the animal can be active, especially at night. Studies have shown that cats at the level of instinct laid down the need to keep yourself in shape, in case you have to hunt. That is why active games are very important for a pet. As a rule, cats usually play themselves and make up entertainment for themselves, […]