For the casual observer, the bird in the photos below is just a slightly slovenly painted red cardinal. But for scientists and bird lovers, this is an incredibly rare find. Fans of birds from Pennsylvania had the opportunity to observe in nature an ultra-rare anomaly – a bird of the species red cardinal, which combined the color of a male and a female ( According to scientific such a mutation is called Ginandromorphism and occurs when in one organism on […]

The planet is inhabited by amazing living creatures, which by their existence can greatly surprise. For example, monkey nosach, which lives exclusively in the tropics of Borneo. The monkey has one distinguishing feature – the nose, for which, in fact, it got its name. Locals sometimes call them Dutch monkeys, chuckling to themselves that the Dutch colonialists were all endowed with large noses and prominent bellies. They are very friendly and sociable animals that prefer to live in a harem: […]