In the Indian state of Maharashtra there are many fields with tall stems of sugarcane. While the reed grows, it is used for shelter by many local animals, including wild ones. Every year, the surrounding forests are destroyed under the reed fields and the animals have to look for either other shelters or adapt to new conditions. Some even make shelter in the reed for their young. However, this is not always the right decision. Some time ago, workers at […]

Dogs are quite intelligent human companions, which are easy to train for various teams. However, among them there are the most intelligent breeds: 1. Border Collie. Dog experts unanimously consider these shepherd dogs to be the smartest in the world. It is from them that the best guide are obtained, which are indispensable for people with loss of vision. It can also act as a good security guard. 2. The poodle. The graceful and aristocratic poodles turned out to be […]

Cats are quite popular pets that can be found anywhere in the world. Breeders do not stand still and try to breed more and more interesting breeds. Naturally, the result of crossing domestic and wild animals is the most expensive. Experts analyzed and were able to make a list of the most expensive cat breeds in the world: 1. The savannah. The cost of a kitten reaches $ 22,000. Incredibly beautiful and graceful breed is the result of crossing an […]

In the USA, a Border Collie dog named Chaser, who was considered the smartest dog in the world, died. The dog lived with the owner in South Carolina. The dog died a natural death. The dog named Chaser was known worldwide. She recognized more than 1,000 words in human speech thanks to a special training system. Boss Chaser, former psychiatrist John Pilly, has developed a unique technique for training her. The man used to train dogs soft toys, balls, frisbees […]

Snakes are mysterious and dangerous creatures. Here is a list of the most venomous snakes in the world. Positions are distributed from the most to less dangerous: 1. Belcher sea snake. Its poison is 100 times more dangerous than the poison of any other snake. Just a drop can kill more than 1000 people. Lucky only that the snake itself is not the aggressor and can only bite in the case of defense. 2. Brutal snake. With lightning speed, it […]

The largest turtle in the world is leathery, whose body length is about 3 meters. The weight of one of the individuals that we managed to catch was 916 kg. The turtle reaches a swimming speed of 35 km / h. The swing is impressive – 5-6 meters. The peculiarity of the reptile is in the absence of a shell in its usual sense and beta-carotene, which would give the skin rigidity. It is found in tropical and subtropical regions […]

The biggest crocodile that hit the Guinness Book of Records was a bloody monster named Gustav. There were terrible rumors about him, and his name was overgrown with a bunch of legends. It is known that his name still shocks the inhabitants of the area where he lived. Nile crocodile Gustav is a cannibal. On his account a few hundred human lives. Although the exact number is not possible to establish. He was captured with the help of a 2002 […]