In the house of the 19-year-old student, Gemma Holdaway, they live their own foxes and dogs, who are friends exactly as in the famous Disney cartoon of the same name.

The little fox came to Gemma by chance and she decided to raise him at home as a pet, and her dogs became mentors and behavioral patterns for the fox.

This story began in March 2018, when a brood of five two-day tiny cubs ( was found on a hayloft on a farm in Bath, Somerset County (England), owned by Gemma's family.

Lisyat found Gemma's father and at first took them for kittens. But when he saw the white tips of their tails, it became clear that it was a fox.

Apparently their mother did not find a better place for childbirth, but then, frightened by the proximity of human habitation, she ran away.

"We have a surveillance camera there and we watched her notes and waited another day to see if the fox would come running. But she never showed up."

Fearing that the kids would die, since the foxes were nowhere to be seen anywhere, the family of Gemma decided to transfer the foxes to the veterinary clinic, from where they were taken to a shelter for wild animals.

However, at the last moment, Gemma and her boyfriend Dan Pierce decided to keep one young fox for themselves and raise them among their four dogs.

Gemma called the fox Vixey (Vixey) and according to her, she behaves exactly like a dog, since she took over all the basic habits and behaviors from the dogs.

"I understand that this is a completely wild beast and she should live independently, but her life was closely connected with people from the very beginning and she could be very difficult as a result if she was alone far from the city," says Gemma, – Wild foxes may not accept her, for she smells like a man. They can even attack and kill her. "

According to Gemma, the fox lives on the farm just fine, because they have many acres of land where she can run almost as if she were free.

"Vixie walks a lot, but every night after dark, she comes back to me."

Especially Vixie is friends with a Labrador named Luna. The other dogs in the house are the Jack Russell Terrier Raisin and the two mongrels Polar Bear and Nij.

"Raisin became a real foster mom for Vixie, she grew up next to him and copied his habits."

Vixie eats wet dog food and loves dog biscuits from beef. But for some reason she doesn't like chicken and pork.

Now Gemma is trying to teach Vixie to different teams, and they recently managed to teach her to wear a collar with a bell. And in the toilet Vixie accustomed to walk outside in the same place, and if the door is closed, she goes to the tray like a cat.

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