A cat from a monastery in Lviv showed that he is able to find his way home just as well as any dog.

This interesting case was told on the air of news on the Ukrainian channel “1 + 1” on May 21.

Reportedly, the cat Murchik lived in the Lavrovsky monastery for 8 years. The priest’s father Theodore Lev, whose pet was the aforementioned Murchik, was transferred to serve in Lutsk and he took the cat with him.

However, the cat did not take root in the new place and soon disappeared. But a month later he was discovered near the gates of the monastery.

It became known that Murchik traveled 300 kilometers. The monks of the monastery reported that the cat was extremely emaciated and very shy, at first everyone doubted, “is it their Murchik”.

As a result, they recognized the cat and now jokingly call him a "pilgrim". Currently, the cat is fattened and feels much better.

Photo: video screenshot

Video: TSN

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