Veterinarians gave a few tips that will help protect pets in hot weather.

Despite the fact that animals have heat exchange different from human, they suffer from stuffiness on the street no less than their owners.

Make it a rule to renew the water to your pet: in the morning, at lunch and in the evening, and also keep an eye out in between. It is important that the cat or dog do not need water.

In addition, it is necessary to adjust the diet of the animal – to abandon the heavy and fatty foods.

If the pet eats natural food, then replace it with steamed vegetables, cereal and dietary meat.

It is possible for the time of heat to plant an animal on a fermented milk diet.

It is very important to update the pet food in a pet bowl, since it has properties that deteriorate during the day in hot weather to minimize the risk of poisoning.

As for walks, it is only in the early morning and evening, when the sun sets.

It is advisable to moisten the paw paws, forehead, tail, nose bridge with cool water, and it is better to bathe every two hours.

And also in no case can not cut the pet, otherwise the thermoregulation is violated.

Photo: Pixabay

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