In order to protect their pet from various diseases, the owners try to instill it.

In general, this approach is correct, but there are times when it is worth holding off the vaccination:

1. Kitten under 12 weeks. At this age, the vaccine will be useless. If you picked up the animal from the street, it is better to consult with a veterinarian.

2. The animal is after surgery. The normal rehabilitation period of a cat is 4 weeks.

3. The presence of parasites. While the cat has fleas, worms and other parasites, it should not be vaccinated. First get rid of them.

4. The animal is sick. In case of a cold (cat sneezes, her eyes are watering), give 2 weeks for full recovery.

5. Contact with infected congeners. As a rule, experts recommend waiting for 1-2 weeks and only then vaccinate the kitten.

Photo: Pixabay

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